Wednesday, 16 of April of 2014



Please review our  Criteria Page to fully understand what is required to be approved for funding.


*  Is your project led by youth?
*  Will it help reduce pollution, conserve natural resources,                           or save energy in Carmel, Indiana?
*  Do you have a complete and realistic budget?
*  Do you have a nonprofit sponsor?

Download the 2014 CGT Application Form


Applications are due February 28, 2014.

Mandatory Interviews for Applicants take place March 9, 2014.

IMPORTANT:  Special permission is needed for projects taking place at Carmel Clay Schools. We strongly recommend that the Administrative Approval Form for projects at Carmel Clay Schools be emailed to us by February 18th. This very brief form and submission instructions are also found on page 9 of the application. Please email with questions.


Administrative Approval Forms are due February 18, 2014

and are needed only for projects that would take place at Carmel Clay Schools.

We strongly encourage groups to reduce paper waste by downloading the Carmel Green Teen Micro-Grant Application as a Word file, filling it in on a computer, and emailing the completed application as a Word or PDF file as an attachment to:


Please do not submit applications until all signatures, supporting documents, and permissions are obtained and ready for submission. Thank you.

If you choose to scan and email the SIGNED Signature Verification page and all supporting nonprofit status documents along with the application form, you are required to turn in any original signed documents at the grant review session.   Alternatively, you may mail or drop off applications and documents to:

Carmel Green Teen Micro-Grant Program

13810 Laredo Drive

Carmel, IN  46032

HAVE QUESTIONS?  Email us at or write a letter to the address above.