Tuesday, 23 of December of 2014

MOSAICS Family Garden 2010

Garden MainMOSAICS Family Garden was created to offer students, staff, and others an opportunity to enjoy the many benefits of a community garden.  Here, a young visitor points out a green pepper in one of the many raised garden beds. MOSAICS is an alternative school that provides services to special education students identified as emotionally disabled. The project was designed as both a  therapeutic and an educational lab.
Garden 2Students use a measuring tape and math skills to calculate where to place the garden beds. MOSAICS’ Family Garden has eight raised planting beds.
Garden 3After laying down the raised beds, soil is added. Through this project, MOSAICS students in grades 1-12 will learn to better understand concepts such as plant development, crop rotation, water management, composting, crop production, organic pest maintenance, and more.
Garden 4Several different types of crops, including zucchini, cantaloupe, cucumbers, peas, squash, peppers, potatoes, tomatoes,  cabbage, and more, grow in the garden.
Garden 1Teachers and volunteers help students care for the garden during the summer months. The produce grown here will be shared with families of MOSAICS students.
Garden 5In addition to gardening techniques, the garden will help students learn by promoting collaboration, team building, nurturing of the earth and of humans, and a sense of satisfaction with a successful harvest.
Garden 6The garden uses water from rain barrels, which helps improve water management. It also uses no pesticides, so it does not put harmful chemicals into the environment.
Garden BeforeMOSAICS Family Garden  – BEFORE
Garden AfterMOSAICS Family Garden  – AFTER. Way to go!

MOSAICS Family Garden coordinator and teacher Kimberli Williams described for us, “One young student, who is physically and mentally challenged, was given the task of assembling a garden box. Holding the hammer was difficult for her but she continued to pound nails until her box was constructed. She is an amazing little girl and works until she accomplishes her goal. It was exciting to watch her determination.”  Congratulations to MOSAICS’ School students and staff for embracing a project that has impacted the environment and the community so strongly.