Thursday, 18 of December of 2014

Greener Tomorrow in the Bag 2011

Towne Meadow Elementary Junior Girl Scout Troop 1120 – A Greener Tomorrow is in the Bag

In spring of 2011 Towne Meadow Junior Girl Scout Troop 1120 distributed 1000 recycled, reusable Marsh grocery bags. The girls folded and hand-decorated 1000 informational brochures and thank you notes to pass out with the shopping bags. Over 750 bags and brochures were provided to Marsh shoppers, promoting the message to recycle. Additionally, the Scouts gave a presentation to their classmates and distributed over 125 bags to Towne Meadow Elementary 4th graders’ families. In all, 1,000 Marsh reusable shopping bags and brochures were put into our community to encourage recycling and earth-minded practices. The girls are confident that they have made some impact, because each of their own families now uses reusable bags.

This Seneca Indian Prayer inspired the girls to do a project based on protecting our Earth:

We who move about on earth should always have love. When people gather together they have an obligation to be thankful for being happy. They greet each other with love and happiness, then they conduct their business. Our creator established the earth on which the people live. We are using the earth every day and every night. We are obtaining from the earth those things that bring us happiness. Therefore, let there be gratitude for the earth, our mother who supports our feet. She has done all that she is obligated to do. We now give thanks to our earth and to our Creator.

DSC_0021cTowne Meadow Elementary School Junior Girl Scout Troop 1120 posed with Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard and Carmel Green Teen youth coordinator Lauren Gibson at the Awards Ceremony with their over-sized check to fund their project,   “A Greener Tomorrow is in the Bag.”
at yardsalecThe Girl Scouts organized a yard sale and lemonade sale to raise extra money to buy even more reusable bags for their giveaway. They had educational materials at their yard sale, too, so that all visitors would realize the impact of their contributions.
IMG_2234cOver 750 recycled, reusable bags were given away at a local Marsh Supermarket in spring 2011. Each shopper visiting the Brownies’ information table received a free bag and a combination informational brochure / thank you card.
Marsh with ManagercThe Girl Scout Troop showed off their bags, flyers, and poster with the Marsh manager who supported their project. Marsh Supermarkets and other grocers have bags available for purchase for customers wanting to cut down on the use of plastic and paper bags. The reusable bags are strong and durable, cost only 99¢ and can be used over and over again.
1120 at schoolThe Scouts gave a presentation to their 4th grade classmates regarding the importance of using reusable shopping bags. They distributed over 125 bags and brochures at Towne Meadow Elementary.
receiving Bronze award 2c
The Girl Scouts received their Bronze Award and gave a short speech about their project.  This award is the highest recognition available for Junior Girl Scouts. Great job, girls!