Monday, 22 of December of 2014

Mission Recycle 2011

Mission Recycle 006cThe Carmel Middle School Green Team used their grant money to educate students about the importance of recycling.  They purchased ten Clear Stream recycling bins to be used in CaMS lunchrooms and at performing arts and athletic events.  Their project was launched during Earth Week 2011.  Education will be a large component to their project, with announcements, contests, and posters.
Student with bincThey also use these bins at various sporting events including track, baseball and softball. Without the Mission Recycle program, these water bottles could end up becoming part of the 22 billion water bottles that are thrown away each year.
Bins 6cStudents at Carmel Middle School recycle their plastic bottles during lunch.  The clear containers let students see for themselves just how many plastic bottles are being recycled daily.
ShowImage.aspxOn average, 2.5 million plastic bottles are used in the United States per hour. The Green Team, through their Mission Recycle Program, hopes to offer recycling for all bottles and cans consumed at their school.
DSCN2092Members of the Green Team collaborated with custodians to determine the best way to implement the program.  By consulting teachers, administrators, and the custodial staff, these students were able to demonstrate that their project was truly a community effort.
DSCN2093cThe Green Team has worked to spread awareness about the importance of recycling throughout their school and community. They created posters, bulletin boards, and made announcements to teach their peers about the importance of recycling.
Mission Recycle 003Education was a major part of this project. Green Team members learned about the benefits of recycling and shared their new knowledge with the rest of the school via poster, bulletin boards, and announcements.
Ms D BinscThrough the Green Team’s hard work and dedication, students, teachers, and staff in the Carmel Middle School community are able to get excited about helping the environment.
Mission Recycle 004cStudents at Carmel Middle School demonstrate that helping out the environment is also rewarding and fun.  Special thanks to Carmel Middle School’s Green Team for starting such a successful program!