Monday, 22 of December of 2014

Recycling at CHS 2011

Taming the Beast: Recycling at Carmel High School!


A member of Carmel High School's Environmental Club holds up a sign reminding his schoolmates to recycle at lunch. The CHS Environmental Club got a Carmel Green Teen Micro-Grant for $936 to help fund long-awaited recycling bins for all three lunchroom of CHS. The 5000 students and staff also have the opportunity to recycle throughout the school day by using funded recycling bins in the hallways.

w.harbour.environmental3During an Environmental Club meeting, all 34 members of the club plan out slogans, designs, and information for signs that will remind students to recycle.
w.harbour.enviormentBright green painted signs tell students at CHS to “go green” by recycling. These signs were placed in the cafeteria near the recycle bins.
w.dugan_.environmental3-300x200A student does his part by recycling after lunch. In just two months after the addition of these cafeteria recycling bins, CHS recycled 2.5 tons more material than its previous paper recycling. According to EPA calculations, this means that the project will save almost 34 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.
w.dugan_.environmental2-300x200Only about 14% of plastic water bottles used in the U.S. are recycled. With CHS’ new recycling program, this number will be raised.
photo1cMembers of the CHS Environmental Club put together all twenty hallway recycling bins. In just two weeks, over half of these 30-gallon recycling bins were filled to the brim with recyclables.
CHS Recycle 009bHallway recycling bins take all items that can be recycled in the cafeteria as well as paper, cardboard, and more.
CHS Recycle 002This sign educates students in the freshman cafeteria regarding what can be recycled in the bins. Students can recycle plastic food trays, water bottles, juice cans, plastic wrappers, and more in the cafeteria recycling bins.
we-recycle-signThanks to the CHS Environmental Club, CHS can proudly say “We Recyle!” Thanks for all of your hard work, and congratulations!


Watch the CHS Environmental Club Recycling Rap video shown on video announcements at Carmel High School