Sunday, 21 of December of 2014

Girl Scouts’ Bikeyard 100 2012


Carmel Girl Scout Troop 801 created and implemented an event called the "Bikeyard 100" to encourage kids to ride their bicycles safely and more often. This eco-friendly idea prevents pollution by reducing the number of cars on the road and also promotes a healthy lifestyle. At the event, over 100 kids and over 70 adults agreed to sign a pledge to ride their bikes more often to help the environment.

Click Here to view and print off your own Pledge to Bike Promise Card.


The Girl Scouts created a fun and challenging bicycle safety course for young visitors to practice and show off their ability to ride their bikes safely.
Several stations at the Bikeyard 100 provided valuable information such as maps of the Carmel Bikeways and other safe bike routes.
Contestants in the Bikeyard 100 were provided with Bike Safety Checklist cards to make certain that they visited each station.
To add to the environmentally beneficial aspect of the project, the group collected gently used bikes for distribution to deserving families.
Visitors to the Bikeyard 100 received a free safety inspection by experienced volunteers.
Girl Scout Troop 801 distributed information regarding the importance of wearing proper clothing and bicycle helmets while riding.
Young Bikeyard 100 participants left with a better knowledge of why it is helpful for the environment and for their bodies to bike more often.
The girls in Girl Scout Troop 801 want Carmel students and families to stop and think before they automatically get in the car to go somewhere.  Riding bikes can reduce the need for fossil fuels and can prevent pollution through reduced emissions.  Biking is also fun!