Monday, 22 of December of 2014

UHS Tree Huggers 2012


The University High School Green Club involved the entire school in planting 34 drought resistant trees, native to Indiana on school grounds. The private nonprofit school was founded in 2000, and its buildings are surrounded by cornfields, with few mature trees in sight. They selected four 12-foot trees that would start blooming soon and 30 smaller trees that will continue to provide environmental benefits to their school and community long into the future. They paired the plantings with an educational campaign about the importance of trees in helping clean our air.

The thirty smaller trees were planted during the schoolwide Sports Day, during the final weeks of school. Many of the students got quite attached to the trees they planted.

A Carmel Green Teen youth board member visited the school during the tree planting. Here, one of the fruit trees is proudly displayed by the UHS Green Club president. The club hopes to create an organic vegetable garden for school lunchroom use in the future.

The UHS Green Club created several educational posters that were displayed all around the school. They also spent several days meeting with school authorities and with facilities personnel, walking around our grounds and selecting the best spots for trees.

Students and faculty worked side-by-side to carry out this project. Each teacher worked with a small mentor group to plant one of the 34 trees.

During this project, University High School students learned about the value of teamwork as well as the environmental value of the trees they were planting. As a whole, the 34 trees planted will offset over 265 pounds of carbon dioxide yearly.

On May 11, the Tree-Hugging Trailblazers planted their four large trees. These trees are fruit trees and are set to provide UHS students with fresh produce.

"The Tree Hugging Trailblazers was a ground breaking project for University High School because it brought our whole school community together and increased awareness about the positive impact that trees, as natural carbon sinks, have in improving the environment. It was an educational and fun experience for students and staff alike, and we thank Carmel Green Teen for giving us the opportunity to spearhead such an amazing initiative." - Roshni Bag, President, University High School Green Club